National Bariatric Solutions Conference

Welcome to the 2024 National Bariatric Solutions Conference, where we're igniting changes in care for people with obesity. Join us to connect and learn with healthcare professionals from across the globe.

Our tagline has always been: Let's Connect and Learn. Plan to connect your interdisciplinary teams with interdisciplinary experts from a variety of settings with the goal of elevating standards of care based on cutting-edge evidence and best practices.

This immersive conference is designed to be interactive, with interdisciplinary case-based discussions and a focus on practical solutions that you and your team can apply in your own practice settings. Our goal is to equip you and your team with the tools and resources needed to evaluate your current approach to care, provide training, and put a plan in place to execute effective, safe, equitable care for patients whose weight ranges from 300 to 1200 pounds.

Key Objectives

Here are just a few of the objectives you'll achieve by attending:

  • Describe the common, predictable, and preventable adverse events associated with caring for patients with obesity.
  • Quantify focused elements of a facility-specific return-on-investment model needed to address clinical, cost, and patient experience outcomes.
  • Outline practical steps to address the needs of patients who are at risk for weight-related care opportunities within the context of an interdisciplinary team approach.
  • State specific steps to identify bariatric care gaps across the continuum of patient care.